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I am the new kid in town as of October 2022. I lived in the great state of Texas my entire life and now we finally live somewhere that feels like home but looks like a dream! Knoxville, TN- I'm ready for you! I have been a photographer for 10+ years now and it still brings me immense joy to deliver something so meaningful to the people I get to meet. 

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My story to motherhood is long and full of emotion but it shaped me. It made me realize that I am capable of more than I thought. I'm kind of a bad ass tbh. Not really but I'd like to think so. I won't bore you with all the details so here are the cliff notes:
1. It took 6 years to finally get pregnant.
2. We did two rounds of IVF. Our first ended in a miscarriage and almost broke me. 
3. My experience with being pregnant after loss brought on the most anxiety I have ever experienced in my life! 
4. I still think IVF is a really cool experience. We found the positives through the difficulties. 
5. I am an open book to anyone- especially parents going through the same things we did. 
6. I offer a 10% discount for parents going through IVF, adoption, and foster parenting. You guys are heros to me! Just be sure to mention it in your contact submission!

because I waited so long for this

"She works magic on getting the feisty kids to do what they need to do and captures every moment so perfectly. She restored my joy and heart for family photos after we were robbed of a good experience and left empty handed with our first ever photographer. Thank you so much Lauren!!" 


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calling all the hopelessly sentimental mothers like me